Brazzers innovates once again and plays their Pornstars at Mafia III

Decidedly, video games and pornography seem to go well together.

After the many X versions of the most popular games, now pornstars take the joysticks and get into the videos “Let’s play“.

Obviously, it is none other than the Canadian giant Brazzers who is at the origin of this new concept. On this occasion, we find two charming porn actresses Brazzers at the controls of the famous game Mafia III.

Brazzers bridges the gap between new means of communication and pornography

Brazzers innovates once again and plays their Pornstars at Mafia III

Brazzers is one of the largest adult film productions to date. Created in 2004 by two friends, they are embarking on an X market mistreated by the new means of communication, especially by the appearance of streaming.

This is the time when sites like Youtube and Dailymotion are investing in the web. But unlike most film productions that see this emergence as an evil eye, Brazzers takes the opportunity to diversify.

Despite criticism, Brazzers has chosen to surf the wave of streaming. The company partners with several pornographic content sites available online like Pornhub. A wise choice when we know that in 2014 already, streaming video represents 90% of global Internet traffic. Today Brazzers owns 31 sites sharing pornographic content.

With such a trajectory, the black sheep of the porn industry is almost astonishing when it announces that two pornstars will test a shooter in the third person. After all, those who follow the news of the site will have already seen the blooper Brazzers.

However, one is entitled to ask what is the purpose of the maneuver. Simple eccentricity or communication strategy?

Most experts agree that the answer is halfway between the two answers. Brazzers affirms its position of innovative society with multiple recourses, able to re-invent, again and again …

Brazzers actresses swap sex toys for controllers and test Mafia III

The other question that is on everyone’s lips (at least of those who have not seen the video) is: what are their two bimbos Brazzers to test Mafia III? At the risk of disappointing many: nothing naughty.

We find actresses Nikki Benz and Missy Martinez wisely seated alongside a certain Justin. Although the two pornstars offer us a view of choice on their beautiful silicone neckline, the video is not very sexy.

Even if Missy admits to being an expert in shooting games, it must be said that it is especially the raw dialogues and more or less subtle allusions that are worth the detour.

To cite just one example, the two pornstars insinuates that the controller of the Playstation is more ergonomic than that of the Xbox … You are left with the task of imagining what use they allude to.

In short, for nearly 8 minutes both pornstars and the young man get crazy between virtual killing and naughty jokes. A concept that at least has the merit of being innovative. It remains to be seen whether the combination of big tits and joysticks will be enough to dethrone the current master of the genre, PewDiePie.

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