G Spot in Women: How to Find It, and “Masturbate For Me”?

G-spot in women is a bit like our Holy Grail. Something mysterious that has long been doubted and sometimes desperate to find.

Fortunately, the scientists ended up deciding. The G-spot is indeed a reality and not a myth.

Why is it so important? Because we place the heavy responsibility of bringing it to orgasm. This area of ​​our body is extremely erogenous. When it is stimulated (correctly), thus it leads to orgasm.

There is a difference between the clitoris and the G-spot. So, be careful to distinguish because they are not the same.

In this article, we will give you all the information and advice you need to explore your anatomy, alone or with your partner, in order to find your G-spot.

By the way, we will also explain how to stimulate it correctly so that it does what it is for. it was created: to bring you maximum pleasure in bed.

A Little More Information About G-spot

G-spot in Women

According to scientists who have studied the subject (rascals), the G-spot is inside women’s vagina. G spot has no precise location because it varies according to the women and their morphology. But generally, we could find G spot from 50 to 80 mm (2 to 3 in) inside the vagina, on the front wall.

To find your G-spot more easily, you need to know that G spot has a slightly rough appearance. And about the side, G spot would not be larger than a coin. This is why it is so difficult to find.

When stimulated, this extremely erogenous (because particularly well innervated) area of ​​your sex swells. It is precisely this swelling that would allow you to reach vaginal orgasm.

If very few women have declared having reached it, then you know this type of orgasm is actually much more intense than that caused by stimulation of the clitoris. This should motivate you to find it.

How to find G-spot Yourself?

There is no secret. To find your G-spot, you are going to have to go through some practical exercises. This is also the secret of fulfilling sexuality: knowing your body and knowing how to give it a pleasure and stimulate it in the right way.

Be careful, because if finding and stimulating your clitoris was rather easy, it will not necessarily be the case with women’s G-spots. In fact, to find G spot in women is really more difficult, because inside your vagina, on the wall that is on the side of your belly.

If you are single, or not comfortable enough with your partner to explore your body with him, the best thing you can do is “masturbate yourself”.

Our advice to find your G-spot: penetrate yourself with a finger. The trick is to fold it gently, to reach the area of ​​your G-spot. Also place your palm towards the ceiling, so that your finger naturally follows the curve of your vagina.

How to find G-spot with Your Partner and “Masturbate For Me”?

find G-spot with partner

Many women don’t have the fulfilling sexuality they want because their partner can’t find their G-spot, or they don’t dare to encourage them to look for it. Many men do not know it is a very important area for women. Others are simply too intimidated by the question and avoid asking themselves questions so as not to fail.

It is up to you to encourage him and give him the right indications to help him in “masturbate for me” mission. You can find yours first, then guide him. But the advantage of joining your efforts and finding your G-spot with your partner, you will be more excited, which will make it more sensitive. This is the key to successfully swelling this erogenous zone, and helping you find it.

The back and forth movement of your man’s sex will also be ideal for stimulating your G-spot if done gently. The goal is to control penetration well so that his penis lingers longer on this area of ​​your body and that the pleasure is more intense and longer. And the position in which you will make love is also very important. The best position is to be astride your partner and turn your back on him. You will be able to naturally and more easily direct his penis on your G spot.

What Should I Do When I Found G Spot?

Once you have found your G-spot, be careful not to get intoxicated. Stimulating this gorgeous zone is very important, but it should not push you to fall into a routine, which would surely lead you to orgasm.

You can vary your pleasures with sex toys, positions, erotic scenarios. The most important thing is not to stimulate it directly and to make sure you are well aroused (and that it is swollen) before focusing your attention on it.

Using Dildo
Using Dildo

The key is to build up the excitement gradually, and above all to be in good condition. So do not think you have found a G spot (alone or with your partner) that you end it quickly. Do not skimp on foreplay, caresses, kisses, before throwing yourself on your G spot. This takes away the pleasure you currently have with your partner.

Find What Works For You

Many couples start by beating around the bush (your G-spot in this case) with stimulation of the fingers to excite it before moving on to deeper penetration. Others consider that we should not focus all these efforts on him and not neglect other sources of pleasure such as the clitoris. You can even put sex toys in your bed so you can be everywhere at once.

We advise stimulating both (clitoris and G spot) at the same time to maximize the pleasure. This is why the greyhound and the reverse Amazon position are particularly suitable. They give your partner complete freedom to touch you in different ways, which will allow more complete stimulation and increased pleasure.

It’s up to you to find what brings you to the curtain. Do not fall into the routine and do not rely on your achievements. The goal is to have fun by varying your pleasures to discover new sensations.

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