How to Flirt a Guy: All My Advice to Make Him Lose his Head

Seducing a man is not as easy as it seems. I know that many women are convinced that just put on a mini-skirt and show a little interest to their target to flatter his ego and conquer, but know how to flirt a guy and much more subtle than that.

The first difficulty you may encounter and that many men (including me), are not really used to the woman taking the lead. Hunting is often preferred for hunting, even if it is flattering. So it’s a game of seduction to relearn, in which it is you who will take the lead.

And if that’s the position you want to take, it’s all your credit.

How to Flirt a Guy

In 2018, it is to be expected that the roles will be reversed, and the seduction must change sides. But for that, you must assume this position to the end. No way to backtrack or start hostilities before retracting to let the man do all the work. Knowing how to flirt with a guy, therefore, requires a good dose of courage, a lot of self-confidence, and a few tricks in his bag.

Rest assured, I will not discourage you in this article. We remain relatively simple beings, and it is not so complicated to seduce us. You just need to know some tips that will make sure to crack the man you have in your line of sight. And before we begin to reveal what touches us, seduces us, and can even make us fall in love, remember two words: balance, and rhythm.

Because the dredge is a balancing act (between showing and suggesting), but also a composer in a score that must experience timeouts, peaks of tension and enough rhythm so that the game does not tire any of the parts and remains exciting. Let’s move on to practical work.

Why would it always be up to men to do the job?

I have always said, there is no reason for men to always be at the initiative of seduction. If you have had a real crush on a man and want to make him understand that you like him (and at the same time charm him so that this feeling is reciprocal), there is no reason to hold you back. Forget this misconception that it’s always up to the guys to take the first step and that a woman too enterprising may run away from men. And if this is the case for the one you have in front of you, reassure yourself by saying that you do not lose anything. A man who is afraid of strong women will never be a good lover, nor a good partner.

The only thing that can hold you back is not knowing where to start, what words or phrase of approach to use, when to approach it, etc. I do not have a magic formula to know how to flirt a man: we are all different and what can work on one may not work for the other. The only advice I can give you is to practice. Because the drag is like a sport: an art that you must regularly exercise to master it. So do not be afraid to tackle a few toads before you start with the man who really makes you dream.

Tell yourself that you have nothing to lose. I do not know of any man who repels an enterprising woman in an aggressive or petty manner. And it’s always better to live with remorse than with regrets. If your target doesn’t take the lead, and it gives you no sign of being caught (take a look at his ring finger so you do not throw yourself on a married man), take your courage to two hands and go to address it. He will certainly be surprised and flattered, and you are much more likely to achieve your ends than by staying alone in your corner.

The best advice to remember: stay yourself

The second tip I can give you to know how to flirt a guy is to stay authentic. Of course, I do not mean to say that seduction is not about showing oneself in the best light. When we want to please, we all tend to hide our little flaws and highlight our success and especially what can make us desirable in the eyes of others. I too have this little flaw when I try to seduce a woman. If she mentions a passion like music, I can not help it. I always exaggerate the trait by posing me as a great guitarist when I know only the first prohibited gaming agreements.

But to flirt with a man, you must above all stay natural and simple. It does not make sense to make him fall in love with a false image of you, because you will not be able to play comedy indefinitely. And contrary to what you can think, men are often afraid of perfection. We always tend to be wary of the perfect woman, who has succeeded in her life and seems to have no defect. On the other hand, those who are not ashamed of their small imperfections, of their loose, or even of their shameful stories of which they manage to laugh today, will immediately be super-crisp.

And above all, there is nothing less attractive than a woman who is too self-aware. By that I mean those who have an obvious complex that she tries to hide at all costs, making it all the more visible. Forget your teeth of happiness (and do not try to hide your smile behind your hand) or your little chest (compensated by a wonderbra). Men do not look for models but women in their skin, happy and above all, who assumes. So smile, communicate to him your joy of life and never be ashamed of what you do. It is the sum of your small imperfections (more than your qualities) that will make all your charm and make you irresistible (and especially unique) in his eyes.

Do not do it to flirt with a guy: be shy and unsociable

We can break this advice to know how to flirt a dude in two parts. Because if the first thing to understand (and apply in your strategy of seduction) is to stay natural, the worst mistake you could make is to be on the reserve or even downright unsociable. As I told you before, if you have decided to take the lead and seduce this man, you have to go all the way. You must, therefore, be open and sure of yourself. Of course, no question of doing too much and copying the worst dredge techniques we could make you men. Do not throw yourself on him to ask for his number. But do not be very reserved and erased at the risk of going for a boring or complexed girl.

What you must remember is that being sociable does not mean being alone with him. We rarely flirt in a closed place where you would be both alone in the world. If you have spotted this boy in a party, or you work in the same office, do not hesitate to go to others not to pass for the leech. There is nothing worse to scare a man who does not risk falling for a woman who shows him too clearly that she needs him. So have fun, make him understand that you are someone nice and not afraid to go to others, and he will naturally be attracted to you.

We are not going to lie, physical plays too

You will tell me that I am very nice, but that all these tricks of dredge will certainly be ineffective if there is not a physical attraction between you and your target. I’m not going to lie to you, the physique also plays a very important role in the seduction phase. This does not mean that you have to be on your 31 or have a perfect body to hope to please a man, but there is still some effort to make it crack. And missteps that may relegate you forever in the friend zone like a stubborn smell of perspiration or a neglected aspect of girl who gave up men.

Do not forget that it’s all about finding a balance, to stay attractive without going for a stolen truck. Avoid makeup too heavy, I do not know any guy who finds it attractive in a woman. Outfits that are too sexy or provocative may also have a counterproductive effect. After, everything depends on what you are looking for. But if you’ve had a real crush on him, you certainly want more than just a night. What will happen if you opt for vulgar clothes?

So make an effort without doing too much. For example, just highlight the part of your body that you prefer. If it’s your legs, put on a nice split skirt, but forget the plunging neckline (and vice versa). And try to suggest without showing too much, with a slightly transparent t-shirt that would reveal your lingerie, for example.

Should we continue to chat on social networks and SMS?

A question that many women ask me when they want to know how to flirt with a guy and whether or not to continue the seduction game over the phone or on the Internet. Imagine that you have met a man who makes you fall for a party and you have hooked. You have certainly exchanged your numbers, or your names, to see you again. But who should take the lead, and is it well seen to flirt by texting interposed?

My answer will be very simple: no! Of course, do not make him suffer a radio silence that may make you look like a bipolar rather than an outstanding seductress. But do not overdo it and get right to the point. Clearly, send him a message to set an appointment, not to ask what he ate yesterday. Ditto for social networks. Adding it too quickly to Facebook to stalk photos and friends (and give them the opportunity to do the same), may break the magic of the beginning of a relationship. Remember and do not be too active via your phone or networks.

How to flirt with a guy: Do you find common points?

How to Flirt a Guy: All My Advice to Make Him Lose his Head

Finally, the best way to flirt with a guy is to manage to create a certain closeness, we could even say privacy. In order for him to perceive you as a potential girlfriend, you must first find something in common and thus enable him to visualize a future together. This is a great way to avoid whites in your discussions, find excuses to talk to him or see him again, and therefore simply to get closer to him more seriously.

Again, do not play a role and stay what you are. The more he knows your true personality, and what you love in life, the more he will eventually become attached to you and feel emotions other than physical attraction. Attention, this is for me the last step to know how to flirt a guy, so do it only if you feel that the current goes well between you. If not, do not force things and take your time.

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