How to Live a Libertine Evening? Tips and Rules

If you want to spice up your life as a couple, you may have already thought about swinging. A libertinism is a form of sexual expression that allows solos and partners to have fun without complex, especially during unforgettable libertine parties. But before you embark on the big bath and discover this world particularly naughty, it is good to know the rules.

Discover how to behave in the libertine night, how to find the best parties and how to excite during these hot dates.

Evening libertine: what to know before participating

A libertine evening often takes place in a naughty, elegant, whether in a club or with libertine hosts who welcome swingers. The principle of such an evening is simple: consenting adults meet to share, for an evening, sexual pleasures.

They may be couples in quests of one or more other naughty game partners, single women who wish to give and receive pleasure, single men who will join a couple for sex with three, or groups for Gang Bangs that can be very hot… The situations are varied, and may also depend on the theme of the evening.

There are masked parties, special women’s nights, events for couples, or a libertine evening dedicated to lingerie or latex … What multiplies the pleasures according to your desire of the moment.

The basis of any libertine night is respect. Do not think that by participating in a swinger meeting, you will have partners at your disposal to fuck. There are codes and your behavior must be irreproachable, to share sex in full courtesy with other libertines present. As you will read in this libertine evening story, we can spend some great naughty moments when we know how to do it.

Would you like to enter this world of naughty pleasures? Here is where to find libertine parties easily.

Where to find good libertine parties?

The world of swinging sometimes seems obscure and it intrigues the uninitiated as much as it fascinates them. Many beginners in swinging think that the hardest thing is to know where libertine parties are going, but that’s not true. You will see that pleasure is at hand and once you have made your first steps in this world, everything will seem very simple.

Libertine party in a swinger club

How to Live a Libertine Evening

In the U.S or UK, the libertine community is huge. No wonder to find many swingers clubs spread throughout the territory. When you start looking for the libertine clubs near you, you can only be surprised to discover the number of places available.

Of course, some cities are more populated than others in terms of club swingers: New York, Boston… to name only the largest but there are many places for fans of shared sex in the smallest towns in the U.S and in some campaigns. Be on the lookout and you may have some very good surprises.

In these clubs, elegance is often required and you will meet couples of all ages, refined, who frequent these naughty places to spend evenings without taboos with one or more libertines.

Check out the best online libertine agendas

Swingers clubs organize one or more libertine parties every week. Sometimes, these will only be for couples, sometimes they will be free for single women when some evenings are dedicated to plurality and groups. To find those happening near you, there is a very simple solution: the libertine agenda of Wyylde.

This swinger dating site is the absolute reference for everything that is close to or far from the world of American libertinism. You will find here a detailed and very complete agenda of all the naughty parties of the U.S, as well as very many amateurs of swapping, who come to share their experiences on this social network and to make new meetings.

An ideal tool to learn libertinism, or to practice more easily your hobby naughty.

Participate in a private swinger party

There is nothing better than libertine private parties to share intimate moments with other amateurs. Many practitioners make libertinage a real way of life and organize, often during their Weekend, libertine parties at home with many games libertines and rogues to the key.

You will find them via the libertine Wyylde website, or through the network of libertines that you will build as your swinger experiences.

Little by little, you (and your potential partner) will become a specialist in this naughty world. But before you get there, it is important to know the rules to respect to be a good libertine.

Rules and behavior to adopt in the evening swinger

If you think it’s enough to come to a swinger party to fuck all the time, then you’ll be in love. This attitude will not lead you to anything, because the swinging is governed by some unspoken rules, but oh so important, which allow all the practitioners to spend the best possible evenings. Here is the good behavior to adopt and the mistakes to never commit.

The most important rules of a libertine night

  • Have the proper attire. When you participate in a libertine evening, you will see soon that the dress code is very important. We do not come to basketball, nor in casual dress. Among the elements most appreciated by swingers, there is elegance. We appreciate that men wear at least a shirt, preferably with pretty shoes. Ladies, lingerie is highly appreciated just like a classy outfit, which will put your forms forward. Prefer the dress or skirt to jeans or pants.
  • Be respectful. This is certainly the #1 rule in the world of libertinage. Solo couples and libertines often have irreproachable behavior, which starts with courteous greetings (a good evening and a smile, it doesn’t cost anything.), And which continues with exchanges of words and a request for authorization before to participate in a naughty moment. We are not animals.
  • Civility and propriety. In the same vein, nothing should be attempted without the agreement (verbal or tacit, via a nod or hand) of the other. You will see that in a libertine evening, everything happens at best when the members are well educated.
    Conversely, certain behaviors are not acceptable. Here’s what you absolutely need to avoid in a libertine evening, on pain of being rejected or simply excluded.

Mistakes not to commit in a swinger party

Neglecting your hygiene. It may sound crazy but some people think that showering or brushing a tooth before approaching a sex partner is optional. Should we remind that odors (sweats, bad breath …) have absolutely nothing sexy? Please take a clean shower!

Take initiatives without being invited. Some men often overwhelmed by the emotions of these very hot libertine parties, sometimes lose control and try for example sodomy without consent or penetration without prior presentation. This is not done and other libertine participants will not appreciate this disrespectful behavior.

Forget the condoms. If they are available in most swingers boxes, the hoods are not optional and it is better to have them on you just in case. It would be very bad to try an unprotected approach, so be a forewarning.

Too much drink. And yes, alcohol is one of the drinks offered in libertine parties, and it is important not to indulge in drinking too much. Stay in control of your actions so that things do not get out of hand.

Vulgarity is intolerable in the world of libertinage. If you are politely denied access to a situation or are made to understand that you are not welcome in a room or a hug corner (which happens because libertines have tastes and desires that vary just like you!), do not offend yourself and above all, never speak the least vulgarity. It’s just a good education.

It is recalled that libertinage does not include any obligation. The various people present in a libertine evening maybe just simple kisser observers, swingers with strong tastes and nothing obliges anyone to practice sex against their will. Pleasure is the golden rule and the freedom of choice is what gives all its panache to these naughty exchanges.

Depending on your profile, there are certain ways to stand out in a libertine night. Here are our tips to make the most of these hots.

Evening libertine: learn to stand out

You want to stand out in the evening libertine and make you notice? Here are some tips that will make you feel good.

For couples

In general, couples have no trouble finding one or more other libertines to play with them. It will be enough a wink, a small nod or hand or a sexy gesture that leaves no room for doubt to be joined by other participants.

When you participate in a libertine party with your half, do not hesitate to please 2, to give ideas to other naughty presents: cuddly corners are there for that.

If you are a single woman

It will be you the star of the evening and you will have no difficulty in finding partners – men, women, couples – ready to play with you. If you want to burst, give free rein to your desires and join participants on the track or in a room, or invite the libertines that interest you with the help of your smile.

If you are ever there to feel wanted, adopt the proper behavior and simply refuse the (many) advances with the required politeness.

When you are a lonely man

Single men are welcome in most libertine parties (except those reserved for couples), but they must have an irreproachable attitude to attract. In some clubs, we meet little glaucous glassy-eyed men, who come to mater hoping to be invited to participate.

It’s a little scary, so try not to adopt this attitude. Be classy, ​​smiling, and with a little daring, you will soon be immersed in naughty situations or couples or groups in quests of an additional member.

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