Top 5: Best Pornstars Snapchat Accounts (2020) By UKPorn.XXX

There are guys who follow their friends or their family on Snapchat, those who like to follow their favorite celebrities …

And then there are those (including me), who like to follow a Pornstar’s Snap account.

After all, why deprive yourself of this social network that allows you to directly enter the intimacy of porn stars on whom you fantasize all day. Rather than imagine what they do with their lives when they don’t shoot hot scenes (which you will end up watching on your computer sooner or later), why not find out directly by subscribing to a Pornstar’s Snapchat account?

My suggestion: UKPorn.XXX is a tube website that allows people to watch free amateur British porn videos. Choose from millions of British porn videos that stream quickly and in good quality.

More and more pornstars are registering on this platform, and honestly, it’s a great thing for men who like to rinse their eyes.

Rather than watching your friends’ snaps without interest, why not get involved in the life of a pornstar using Snapchat?

And in the worst case, even if their videos are boring (and they just talk about their dog or show themselves on waking), you can watch a sexy girl who makes you crack. But beware, in this top, I especially selected those who, by their humor, or their other hidden little talents, have better to offer than their only plastic.

Why So Many Pornstars Choose Snapchat?

Snapchat has to face a veritable surge of pornstars on its platform, and so much the better because they offer different content.

Most of the time, they don’t bother with the silly filters that would hide half of their face or transform their beautiful, sexy voice. Some only offer adult content, and take the opportunity to promote their appearance in porn productions or their parallel camgirl activities.

But this is not a problem for me. Might as well take advantage of these Pornstars’ Snapchat Accounts to keep up to date, right?

If so many pornstars get into Snapchat, that’s because social network allows them to show themselves while better controlling their image. The fact that the videos disappear after a certain amount of time also creates a pretty hot emergency and the impression of looking at something really transgressive and secret.

It is also a good way for them to prevent their videos from being pirated. In short, everyone wins. Now let’s go to the top 5 best pornstars Snapchat Accounts.

#5 Nikita Belluci (NIKITABELLUCCI)

She is probably the most popular pornstar at the moment. This beautiful brunette aired with Monica Belluci (hence her stage name) no longer making porn videos, but she will remain in the anal and continues to please her many fans by regularly posting snaps on her account. She even makes us travel to Hungary and shares with us her (very) good moments there. A real pleasure for the eyes which we never tire of.


Abigail is really not like the other pornstars. She knows how to be super fresh, and even funny. A positive energy that she communicates to everyone who follows her on her Snap as a pornstar.

She, therefore, shares content a little different from her sisters, with rather funny videos (on which she doesn’t hesitate to make faces). Go discover her Snapchat, you risk becoming quickly addicted.

#3 Shiri (SHIRITRAP)

For connoisseurs, Shiri was a pornstar before becoming a well-known camgirl on Chaturbate. If you’ve ever seen some of her shows, you already know how cool this girl is.

It is especially one of the rare to manage to create a real curiosity in the guy behind her webcam (or behind the screen of her phone).

If you have already seen the snaps where she moves her dress alone, you certainly already know what I am talking about. For the others, all you have to do is subscribe to her Snapchat account.


For those who do not know Vex yet (if it is still possible in 2017), this girl with an atypical look is nothing more or less than the ambassador of the independent porn movement.

The content she shares on Snapchat is truly unique, and much more sought after visually than the other girls on this top.

With Vex, it really feels like you can touch your privacy, and that’s really what makes her become one of the best Snapchat Pornstars.

#1 Leila Lowfire (LEILALOWFIRE)

It’s a completely personal opinion, but for me, Leila is the hottest Snapchat girl of the moment.

Since I subscribed to her account, I have been literally fascinated by her content (especially the snaps they take from her completely naked in the morning). I have not found better, because she may do porn, she is never vulgar, and we can almost have the fantasy of presenting this girl with magnificent hair and an attractive smile to our family.

Am I going too far? Maybe, but I’m completely in love and it would be almost impossible for me to spend a day without taking a ride on her snap.

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